Beyond integration,
a change in perception.

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PART du Chef is a socioprofessional integration organization that offers its participants in formation the opportunity to experiment with different kitchen-related careers.


Combined with the experience gained from different work settings, the training given represents a solid stepping-stone to employment for people with mental health or psychosocial problems.

The program is operated in collaboration with Emploi-Québec and regularly accepts the admission of new participants. It is an internship paid at minimum wage.

Training and Services
- Paid training of 1050 hours (30 weeks), including a full-time internship of 105 hours
- Practical and theory courses
- Psychosocial care
- Personal and social development workshops
- Regular evaluations of job skills
- Job search assistance
- Support during internship and employment
- Support for employment integration

Work Prospects
PART du Chef training may lead to different kitchen- and catering-related jobs in settings such as cafeterias, restaurants, cafés, snack bars and catering services.

- Assistant Cook
- Pantry
- Counter Service
- Customer Service

Admission Requirements
- Be struggling with a mental health or psychosocial problem without severe limitations to employment.
- Be avalaible 35 hours from Monday to Friday 
- Be 18 years of age or older
- Be motivated to integrate or reintegrate into the labor market.

For more information: 
514-526-7278, Ext.: 231