Beyond integration,
a change in perception.

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Groupe PART holds people at the heart of its philosophy.



Our staff, students and trainees are the true wealth of our organization.

Director General
Martine Thomas

Director of Finance and Administration
Alfred Ndikumagenge

Comptabilité, service de paie
Nathalie Asselin

Director of Food services
Yannick Vair

Event and customer service coordinator
Josée Fortier

Head Instructors
Thierry Buchin
Olivier Piffaudat
Pierre Martin

Projets PART Coordonnator
Liliann Chamberland

Psychosocial worker — Recruitment manager
Oscar Garcia Rivera 

Employability Coordinator-Psychosocial Worker

Isabelle Gauthier

Marketing & Communications Groupe PART

 Kaouther Boumaiza