Beyond integration,
a change in perception.

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Since 1987, Groupe PART has helped people struggling with mental health or psychosocial problems to integrate into the labor market.


Mission and History

Groupe Part training and integration programs allow admitted students and trainees to develope themselves both on a personally and professionally. Adapted to the challenges faced by these individuals, programs offer participants the opportunity to complete their secondary education or learn the skills to become an assistant chef.

Our Mission

Promote the integration of people with mental health or psychosocial problems into the labor market.


In 1987, Groupe PART began its activities under the purview of the Communauté et santé mentale (COSAME). In 1990, a training program in food preparation and frozen meals was launched: Projets PART. A little later, a home delivery service for people with a loss of autonomy was established, and a counter offering sandwiches and other ready-to-go foods was opened.

1997 saw the creation of a new corporation, PART du Chef, which took the responsibility of overseeing the operations of the integration program, catering, preparation and delivery of frozen meals. By the following year, PART du Chef had already obtained certification from the Réseau des Menus mieux vivre compiled by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. The secondary school program PARTCours arrived on the scene during the 2000-2001 school year. A little later, in 2003, another corporation was born: PART Entreprises. Its primary mandate was to create sustainable employment for participants in the integration program, mainly in the fields of food service management and catering.

In 2005, Projets PART relocated to the Technopôle Angus site. This change provided the organization with a powerful showcase for the the integration program and its benefits to the entire population. Projets PART adopted a sustainable development policy in 2008 and came together with PART du Chef and PART Entreprises under one entity in 2009 to become Groupe PART.

We are proud of the partnerships, awards and success that we have earned over the years.